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Aruba’s Town Hall is the place where you legalize your marriage as husband and wife. We offer this service for non-aruban residents who wishes to get legally married in Aruba.

Here are the necessary requirements to be legally married in Aruba for bride & groom:

  • Single status report or negative search/no record with apostille for both bride and groom
  • Copy of birth certificate with apostille for both bride and groom
  • A copy of all pages of divorce decree (if either is divorced) with apostille
  • Passport picture page of both bride and groom
  • Witness passport picture page (must be 18 years+)
  • Copy of death certificate (if either party is a widower) with apostille
    • All documents cannot be older than 6-months. 

Send us an Email to: to get the package quote of the legal civil wedding ceremony at Aruba’s Town Hall.