WED Aruba 5 Year Anniversary

Often we consider 5 to be a milestone as a child turns 5, or celebrating a 5 year anniversary for a young couple may bring a feeling of stability and solidarity to the relationship. Pythagoras believed the number five symbolized marriage and union since it is two plus three. Isn’t that a curious fact??

Amazing how many incredible moments have sparkled throughout the last 5 years. From the creative inspiration growing deep within me sitting on my bed, laptop in front of me back in February of 2013, I began concentrating all my energies on a new chapter of my life. Some months later in the month of May wedaruba came to life!!

Embarking on this new adventure would be exciting. I began looking into all kinds of details and set up my website within 3 months. I fell in love with the concept of combining romantic elegance with casual simplicity that can be applied to all types of sentimental events. Taking into consideration that Aruba has breath taking sunsets and perfectly manicured white sand beaches I wanted to create a portal for romance. I wanted to reach out to the hearts of those unique couples looking to break from tradition and allow their personality to flow freely and create their perfect memory. Smiling back over the past 5 years I warmly remember the faces and emotions of so many dear clients that have trusted me to make their dream wedding a reality.

What particularly touches my heart is being able to see the miracle of true and lasting love that began as giddy smiles and has endured over the years. A celebration of blessed events along with the stormy patches makes vow renewal all the more special when a couple decides that they would not change a thing and do it all again. The endearing moment when their eyes lock and hands which tremble no more grasp each other is simply indescribable. It literally makes me believe in the concept of soulmates and that love conquers all.

Endless love inspires endless possibilities to keep providing top quality service with an open heart and an open mind. Unique events in unique settings personalized to each couple has long become my passion. Setting the scene for that magical moment in promising everlasting love is where my experience and talents join your wishes.  In either an elegant civil ceremony at Aruba’s Town Hall or at any whimsical beachy location in Aruba’s glorious nature I strive for that brilliant spark of magic in the moment. Many thanks to those who have blessed me with the opportunity to make it happen for them and many warm welcomes for those who are ready take the plunge and start their own love of a life time.

Looking forward to see many more memorable love stories come to live!
Deyanira Nohemi Zúñiga
WED Aruba Director
WED Aruba 5 Year Anniversary Celebration
Coachella Romantic Setting
Blue Kombi Set available upon request. Email us to: to get more information.
Caribbean props available for our events and weddings reception.


Island Chic Setting


A special Thanks to our clients for the trust in our wedding services, vow renewals and civil weddings.


Frozen drinks and bar available for all events and weddings on the beach.


Celebrate love! <3


We would like to hear from you! Send us a message to request your romantic setting on the beach.

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