Renewing Vows in Aruba

After years of sharing blessed miracles along the journey of life butterflies still flutter and the stars still sparkle. Sharing playful looks and often giddy smiles each hand still reaches for the other that it has been holding for so long. When your heart beats a little faster knowing your busy day is culminating the time draws near for that everyday but always special spark that ignites when your eyes lock upon reaching home. A tight embrace reassures the solidity of a love to last forever.
When you fall in love everyday over and over again you want to keep that amazing floating sensation alive. You want to keep waking up to the familiar beat of two hearts bound by true love. Hold on to the warmth of romance, hold on to the gentle caresses, hold on to the comforting space in each others arm.
You know you would do it all again and change nothing. Deep within you cherish every moment shared along the way. Celebrating the union of soulmates with each sunrise and each sunset calls for a renewal of loving vows taken years ago.
The sun begins to slowly illuminate the afternoon sky in hues of oranges as whisping Aruban tradewinds bring your hearts together once again. There surrounded by those most beloved a beautiful simple ceremony begins with feet in the sand….

Family champagne toast

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